Pray For North America

Area: 21,779,847 sq km

Nearly 16% of the world’s land surface. North America contains three of the 13 largest countries of the world: Canada (2nd largest), USA (4th) and Greenland (13th). Mexico, while geographically in North America, is included for cultural, linguistic and demographic reasons with Latin America.

Population: 351,659,164 Annual Growth: 1.00%
Languages: 443
Largest Religion: Christian
Christians: 271,097,376 77.09 0.0
Evangelicals: 94,384,693 26.8 0.7
Prayer in America
The National Day of Prayer, established by Congress in 1952, occurs on May 7 this year. The U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, conducted by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life, shows that prayer is a common religious practice in America, with nearly six-in-ten adults in the U.S. saying they pray at least once a day. However, frequency of prayer differs significantly by religious tradition, age, gender and income.
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